All of the magic happens in my home garage and studio.

Each design is hand-cut onto a stencil where ink is hand "pulled" over the stencil and through a silk screen, then hand-cut to size - every step of the way is massively hands on, but the result is bold, crisp colours that make your eyes pop. Each print is also one of a kind and one of a limited print run of 20 to 40 cards or prints. Using hand-cut stencils allows me to use water-based inks which don't need harsh chemicals for clean up - a big draw card with a toddler at my feet! Currently I am using some beautiful card which is fully recyclable, biodegradable and is FSC certified, meaning that the pulps used are all from managed forests. 

The screen-printing process is a lengthy one, but it is hugely rewarding and it is amazing what can be achieved.  If you have a particular project/gift/event in mind that please get in touch!